Ubuntu 10.04 nvidia 310m issues. (Vaio CW23FX)

Stephan Higuti higuti.sam at gmail.com
Fri Apr 30 15:10:26 UTC 2010

Hi mates,

I just bought a Vaio CW23FX, and yesterday i installed Ubuntu 10.04.
I've got problems on boot, the screen went black, but i could see that it
was booting, only the screen was kinda "switchd off".
If i use nouveau.blacklist=true on boot, it works, no 3d acceleration, but
at least i can see whats going on :), so, i tried to remove nouveau drivers
and it didnt worked out, it loads the bloody nouveau every boot.
Shall i install nvidia drivers?
And i've got another issue with wireless, the light stay blinking, like if
it was switch in and off, and when i ping any host, i've got some lost packs
as well, but this issue comes next, i guess if i get the wireless driver and
manually install it shall work.
Have you guys ever seen this issue before?



Stephan Higuti
MSN: higutisam at hotmail.com
Email: higuti.sam at gmail.com
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