10.04 and RAID?

Chan Chung Hang Christopher christopher.chan at bradbury.edu.hk
Fri Apr 30 14:26:20 UTC 2010

Sandy Harris wrote:
> I am running 9.10 and contemplating the 10.04 upgrade. It is not
> urgent for me, but is something I want to do.
> I wonder about the status of the apparent problem on 10.04 beta that
> spawned a long thread here with the claim "RAID *will* get corrupted".
> Has that been fixed? I have a backup & will make another before any
> upgrade, but should I do anything else? Delay the upgrade? Employ
> additional procedures for safe RAID upgrade? Something else?
> The box of concern is a desktop with 40 G SSD holding most of the
> system and a pair of 640 G drives that hold swap, /var, and a RAID 1
> mirrored pair of partitions for /home.

You should not have to worry if you use Synaptic or do-release-upgrade 
to upgrade to 10.04 or the alternative iso.

The thing about RAID arrays/partitions getting corrupted is due to the 
Ubuntu installer so so long as you do not use that to perform an install 
to 'upgrade' you should be safe.

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