Questions for all programmers willing to help a beginner

Knapp magick.crow at
Fri Apr 30 08:27:36 UTC 2010

To keep this simple, you are learning python and that is a useful
language but as you know most of the basic libs of it are written in C
or C++.

So learn C++ as it is currently the base of most software out there
and it is easy, I almost want to say learn just C.

Be sure to document you code!!!!!!! When you go back to it 6 years
later you will not have a clue why you did what without those code
comments! Also others that might help you or debug you code will want
great comments.

Write user docs!!! They dont have to be perfect but they should at
least give the user a clue.

Read good programmers code!!!!! This is where you get to see and learn
the ART of programming.

Most modern programmers work in groups, don,T be antisocial!

Learn open source tools like svn!!

When I was learning python, I surfed up a mentor and it was wonderful.
I did not ask much because I read and researched first but he got me
out of many code traps and vastly improved my python!

Learn XML. Yes it sucks but it is the way it is done now days.
Inkscape and open office are examples.

Join an open source team NOW!

I would recommend joining Blender 3d because it is verz active, it is
recruiting new devs and has a program to help them. It is in c, c++
and python. They will give you small talks, if you ask.

For cash learn Java, If is just C++ with so nifty extras.

For a first program, write tetras, asteroids or snake eats the apples,
assuming can do the basics. I like Panda 3d and pygame libs.

Take a look at qt creator!!!! You can write a very nice program with
this without knowing much and they have some great sites and vids
showing you how.

Join a lot of dev listservs for software you might like to help with
and just read it until you have something to say.
Hope all this helps a bit.

BTW I started programming in the 8th grade and was doing pro work by
10th grade in 6502 assembly. Totally self taught! GO TO UNIVERSITY!!!!

Uni will open the doors to most jobs (who would you hire), it will
open you eyes to a lot of areas you missed and it is full of sexy
people! Also once you get past the required classes you start to meet
the smart people with the same passion as you but they are way ahead
of you and will help you to catch up! Yes the basics suck and the
other students are stupid but it is the rock you will need to stand on
later. Learn it well!!

Douglas E Knapp

Open Source Sci-Fi mmoRPG Game project.

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