ubuntu-users Digest, Vol 68, Issue 312

Stefano Negro stblack at linux.it
Fri Apr 30 07:07:58 UTC 2010

2010/4/30 harold valiente <harold_v1373 at yahoo.com>

> Hi, I just Dloaded Ubuntu  yesterday and installed it.
> Really like it and I think computing would be never the same again.
> But today I see the site and  it changes to  UBUNTO 10.4..
> My Question is ...
> Do i need to Dload again (Ubuntu 10.4) and run installation again? Or just
> an upgrade will do? How?
> Any recommended book or site? I want to embark on this IDEA "Ubuntu".
> Thanks a lot.
> I'm a novice MS user and Linux Newbie.
> harold

Dear Harold,
the only official website you must rely on is :
Did you use it?

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