HP PhotoSmart E337

Ray Parrish crp at cmc.net
Thu Apr 29 01:19:02 UTC 2010

Fred A. Miller wrote:
> On 04/28/2010 08:33 PM, Ray Parrish wrote:
>> This camera doesn't have any memory cards in it, it just has an internal
>> drive, so I have to hook  it up via USB. I rebooted to windows, and it
>> worked flawlessly with it, so I managed to import the pictures, but I
>> would really like to be able to do it from Linux, as I hate booting into
>> windows.
> Ok.....now I understand the predicament. Did you try using the 
> "hardware" utility?
> 'Just an idea.
> Fred
All the hardware utility gives me, is access to whether or not to use 
the proprietary nVidia drivers for my video card. Nothing else in there.

Thanks for trying. Ray Parrish

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