Need email server aid

Alvin Thompson alvin at
Wed Apr 28 19:01:19 UTC 2010

You don't have to read the whole thread; what it basically boils down to 
is the statements below. The givens are that you need to send messages 
from (or to) this device, it's the device that's automatically sending 
or receiving the messages, not the user, and your choices of technology 
is a mail server (SMTP) or a web server (HTTP):

1. I believe that the mail server (SMTP) is a better choice, because the 
protocol is more reliable.

2. Mr. Chan believes that how much more reliable SMTP is over HTTP is 
disputable, and any increase in reliability by using SMTP is not worth 
the added complexity.

"Reliability" is defined, for our purposes, as the ability for a message 
to get through to its destination, without human intervention, in the 
presence of foreseeable obstacles.  For example, if the network 
connection goes down.

Most of the debate has centered on how much more reliable SMTP really 
is, and how much more complexity SMTP really adds (if any) over HTTP.

Chris, would you agree that's a fair assessment?

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