Need email server aid

Chan Chung Hang Christopher christopher.chan at
Wed Apr 28 12:57:48 UTC 2010

> Wow. I started something here.

Nothing much.

> I just now got back on-line after having to spend three days backing up 
> my Windoze 2000 computer (which handles and archives my incoming emails) 
> so I could install Windoze XP -which is required to run one of my new 
> debugger pods. It's sorta working.
> It's going to take me a while to absorb this thread. Looks like I've got 
> some reading to do!

Really comes down to http is definitely on and whether you really would 
like to offer remote control/commands via email for the clueful and 
choosing between a more user friendly pop/imap option  the less clueful 
or embedding an mta to accept email for those who are willing to setup 
the infrastructure. Checking a mailbox for commands is probably the 
simplest way of receiving commands from the user when the user is not at 
home and does not know how to setup a vpn, ddns, or port forwarding.

If your devices talk to each other and negotiate stuff, then also a 
custom protocol or as per Alvin's insistence you could use mdns/bonjour 
and smtp I suppose. Maybe he can explain he gets his servlets/web 
services to be remote controlled by smtp.

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