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Wed Apr 28 08:00:42 UTC 2010

Am Dienstag, den 27.04.2010, 19:27 -0400 schrieb Tom H:
> >
> Ubuntu started using grub2 by default (for clean installs) with 9.10.
> UUIDs have been usable in Ubuntu since 6.06 and in Debian since Etch.
> UUIDs have been used by default since Ubuntu 6.10 and Debian Lenny.
> HAL has nothing to do with UUID use. Ubuntu has not deprecated HAL
> independently; the upstream freedesktop project has done so. sid
> (Debian unstable) does not use HAL either.
> Regarding your laptop problem, I suspect that the installation of 9.10
> changed the UUID of your swap partition. I don't understand your
> problem ("the 9.4 was somehow booting
> from/through the 9.10 partition") but someone posted that you might
> not be able to add a partition because it would be a 5th primary
> partition in an earlier post.
> 9.04's parted doesn't understand ext4.
> parted recognizes the devices underlying PVs and lists their size and
> their lvm flag when "print" is run, but it cannot manipulate
> PVs/LVs/VGs.
> Since gparted is, AFAIK, a front-end for parted, ...
> The alternate installer (and probably the live installer too) is the
> debian installer and uses fdisk-udeb (which is different from
> util-linux's fdisk) to partitions disks. I usually format disks with
> parted or fdisk before installs and then select those partitions
> during the install.
perfect explanation, apart from the fact that the installers partitioner
is called partman (and thus partman-udeb is used)

and yes, the live installer is just a different frontend. 
in the backend all debian-installer pieces are used, the installation
*process* is very different though (ubiquity copies the content of the
live filesystem and removes unwanted packages/configurations in the
target system while the alternate installer installs package by package
(which is significantly slower))

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