[Lucid] Window Decoration

NoOp glgxg at sbcglobal.net
Wed Apr 28 03:09:47 UTC 2010

I have a rather unusual situation on a machine that I just upgraded from
karmic to lucid; the machine is not displaying window decorations
(menu,minimize,maximize,close) when the Visual Effects
(System|Preference|Appearance|Visual Effects) is set to 'None'.

Normally the opposite is true on most users systems & they lose window
decorations when set to 'Extra'. In my case window decorations (WD) are
fine when set to 'Extra' and compiz is enabled. Also found that compiz
is not running at startup properly, so I also lose gnome-panel (top and
bottom panels). I've managed to work around this by adding 'gnome-panel'
and 'compiz' in my 'System|Preferences|Startup Applications', but it's a
bit of a kludge.
Also, I know that it's a ~/.config issue as none of the other users have
the same problem & if I nuke .config, .gnome etc etc I can get the
desktop to defaults.

Anyone else run across a similar issue? I suppose that I can recreate
the user under a different name and copy the basics of the /home folder
over. But that seems a little excessive (albeit probably easier in the
long run) & I've had this user profile since dapper & it's tuned to the
bazillion apps that I've installed.

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