Questions for all programmers willing to help a beginner

Daniel asmosis.asterix at
Tue Apr 27 20:12:54 UTC 2010

Wow, thank you so much for all the replies. I have seriously woke up. I
didn't mentioned that I want to become a desktop software developer. I have
learned A LOT only by myself, reading and constantly applying what I read. I
therefore want to learn by myself and I consider the self education the best
and only true education. I have picked a lot of resources and started
learning python since today. I have a basic understanding about computers,
internet, networking, html/xhtml/css/js/tcp/ip. Yes sadly, time is my
biggest enemy and I have wasted a lot of time with nonsense. Thank you for
giving me a virtual ascii palm and pointing me to the right direction. You
have my biggest appreciation. Thank you so much for your support and
advices. The poetic things are over now. It's time to actually do something
and stop complaining and hoping for this to fall of the sky.

My biggest respect for all of you people who tried to help me. I am
constantly watching this, if you want to add something feel free to do it.
Thanks and now, it's time to go back to study python. I wish you the best
and thanks again!
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