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> Hello first of all. I'm very happy that I can write this email and I
> kindly ask for your help in my problem. I sat down and thought today
> about my future dream of becoming a programmer. I love very much
> Gnu/linux, I'm very enthusiastic when it comes to computers in
> generally, I help everyone as much as I can. I don't know I breath
> and live with computers 24/7. I go to bad, and can't wait to wake up
> to start learning something new every day when it comes to them. I
> want to make a career in programming. Not for the money, I don't want
> a super high speed car or a fancy home and such things like that. I
> only want to be able to feed myself and have a roof under my head,
> and live as modestly as possible but contribute to the gnu/linux and
> free software world as much as I can. I'm a beginner when it comes to
> programming languages. Right now I started learning python. I have to
> say that I know very little about programming languages but I try and
> learn every day to move on and finally be at the point were I can
> write some real programs and hack/improve free software. I have this
> feeling of I don't know, accomplishment when looking at source code,
> thou I don't understand all of it, yet. I love very much this
> area(programming) and I feel that I want to dedicate my life to it. I
> am very seriously, I read a lot, and I can say with all of my heart
> that I love this and I am very enthusiastic. But I want to ask you
> something. I know this isn't enough and I am wondering what qualities
> does a programmer need to have in order to be one. And also I kindly
> ask for you to give me some advices, hints or anything that may be
> suitable for me in my future career.
> I wish you everyone the best and thanks.

I'm no programmer but I have picked up a few hints here and there:

1. Be concise.  Don't tell us the same thing three times (as above) or
   your programs will reflect this and be bloated.

2. Be correct in your keyboarding.  Incorrect wording (in text as in
   programming) is indecipherable.  Misspelled/incorrectly used words
   indicate a lack of keyboarding ability or knowledge (or attention
   to detail since proofreading is easy).  People won't understand you
   and computers won't obey you.

3. Don't wax poetic on and on about your hopes.  /DO/ something!  ..a
   lot of somethings all the time.  Time is your biggest enemy.

4. Have (many other) interests outside of computers and programming.
   Often these will actually help with your coding.

And re-read this link provided by Sandy Harris:
Learn it, love it, live it.

I hope to someday use some of your programs so get busy!

Cybe R. Wizard
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