Questions for all programmers willing to help a beginner

Daniel asmosis.asterix at
Tue Apr 27 16:41:20 UTC 2010

Hello first of all. I'm very happy that I can write this email and I kindly
ask for your help in my problem. I sat down and thought today about my
future dream of becoming a programmer. I love very much Gnu/linux, I'm very
enthusiastic when it comes to computers in generally, I help everyone as
much as I can. I don't know I breath and live with computers 24/7. I go to
bad, and can't wait to wake up to start learning something new every day
when it comes to them. I want to make a career in programming. Not for the
money, I don't want a super high speed car or a fancy home and such things
like that. I only want to be able to feed myself and have a roof under my
head, and live as modestly as possible but contribute to the gnu/linux and
free software world as much as I can. I'm a beginner when it comes to
programming languages. Right now I started learning python. I have to say
that I know very little about programming languages but I try and learn
every day to move on and finally be at the point were I can write some real
programs and hack/improve free software. I have this feeling of I don't
know, accomplishment when looking at source code, thou I don't understand
all of it, yet. I love very much this area(programming) and I feel that I
want to dedicate my life to it. I am very seriously, I read a lot, and I can
say with all of my heart that I love this and I am very enthusiastic. But I
want to ask you something. I know this isn't enough and I am wondering what
qualities does a programmer need to have in order to be one. And also I
kindly ask for you to give me some advices, hints or anything that may be
suitable for me in my future career.

I wish you everyone the best and thanks.
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