md5sum for ubunutu 10.04 Rc

Basil Chupin blchupin at
Tue Apr 27 07:09:58 UTC 2010

On 27/04/10 16:39, DEF wrote:
> Hi,
> Does any one know where I can get the md5sum for Ubuntu 10.04rc, to 
> compare with the one for my downloaded
> iso?
Sorry for earlier post :-( .

Here are the numbers:

370fcb0c0bdbad9d49b89e67987a90ab *ubuntu-10.04-rc-alternate-amd64.iso
27d577994c0fabed0a17b735a45c75fb *ubuntu-10.04-rc-alternate-i386.iso
63caa19670e629503bf0a8415844e662 *ubuntu-10.04-rc-desktop-amd64.iso
9b88dce8d215a3c2839105ab8e3139be *ubuntu-10.04-rc-desktop-i386.iso
b61e560cade9d8685adbf5d7d08ecd54 *ubuntu-10.04-rc-netbook-armel+dove.img
04463215b60b51e07bc528d7c1887c0d *ubuntu-10.04-rc-netbook-armel+imx51.img
04000f683c2c8007c88bda0b6174f25a *ubuntu-10.04-rc-netbook-i386.iso
41eed7d87aab38a71dfe2560fff666b9 *ubuntu-10.04-rc-server-amd64.iso
ecab84975b468ead1b2f2aa3ff020d84 *ubuntu-10.04-rc-server-i386.iso
604466c3235860c50d102b0bfa081301 *wubi.exe


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