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>> >> what are the supported laptops of Dell running ubuntu ?
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>> > That'll largely depend on specific models and so on. I have an old Dell
>> > Latitude that runs okay on Xubuntu and Lubuntu.
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> I have a Dell Inspiron laptop.  Everything works great on it.  I have the
> Intel N card and it was works right out of the box.  However, the Dell
> DataSafe application has caused me misery on a dual boot machine.  If you
> are going to nuke windows then it is a perfectly fine selection.  The dual
> boot with Dell DataSafe installed is a problem.
> If you look at the "Strange Grub Error Message on dual boot Dell laptop"
> thread on this list you will see what I am talking about.  The DataSafe
> basically destroys the grub boot loader which render the machine
> inoperative.  I have been installed Ubuntu over and over again until NoOp
> and some of the fine folks on this list pointed me in the right direction.
> I am still mulling over what the action to take.--

This is all news to me; I put Ubuntu (currently 9.10) on my Inspirion 1525,
and never had a bit of trouble.  Of course this could be that because I have
my own backup methods using external SATA
(indirectly through internet), I never allowed DataSafe to do anything when
it asked.  I prefer to
back up my Windoze with ntfsclone(1) from package ntfsprogs.

Kevin O'Gorman, PhD
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