Upgrading to Ubuntu 10.4 LTS RC

Basil Chupin blchupin at iinet.net.au
Sun Apr 25 15:30:01 UTC 2010

On 26/04/10 00:59, Dotan Cohen wrote:
> On 25 April 2010 16:40, Jos Dassen<jmhdassen at yahoo.com>  wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> I have been trying to upgrade to Ubuntu 10.4 LTS with mixed success.
>> The upgrade from 9.10 (amd64) to 10.4 LTS (amd64) went flawless.
>> The upgrade from 8.04 LTS (x86) to 10.4 LTS has problems. The process
>> finishes without errors and the updated system reboots OK. But then it does
>> not accept any input from the keyboard. Mouse works fine and also onboard
>> keyboard works fine.
>> I guess there is something missing in the configuration.
>> Any ideas ???
>> (note: both systems are VMware virtual machines).
> 10.04 is not release yet. Check for and file a bug if necessary.

There is a very good reason why I asked the man if he read the URL I 

There it states:

To avoid damaging your system, upgrading should only be done from one 
release to the next release (e.g. Ubuntu 9.04 to Ubuntu 9.10) or from 
one LTS release to the next (e.g. Ubuntu 6.06LTS to Ubuntu 8.04LTS). If 
you wish to 'skip' a version, you can backup your data and do a fresh 
installation, or progressively upgrade to each successive version. For 
example, to upgrade from Ubuntu 8.10 to Ubuntu 9.10, first upgrade to 
9.04, then upgrade 9.04 to 9.10.

He is upgrading from 8.04 LTS to 10.4 LTS. Whether 10.04 is released or 
not is immaterial, but the situation is covered by what the Ubuntu 
Upgrade instructions are stating.


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