Networking/SSH Problems with 9.10

Karl Larsen klarsen1 at
Sun Apr 25 11:15:41 UTC 2010

On 04/24/2010 06:23 PM, Tim Henderson wrote:
> I am a xubuntu user, however I have found this problem to exist under
> Ubuntu as well.
> I realize I was having networking problems during SSH sessions.  While
> ssh'd into my server the network would "drop" for up to 30 seconds at a
> time where any command I typed would not show up in the terminal for up
> to 30 seconds.  Eventually the network comes back and my commands all
> flow through at once.
> While I though this was originally an SSH problem, I have realized the
> problem exists while normally using my computer/server.  Firefox
> sessions will just not load for seconds.  During this time I attempt to
> run `host` in my terminal.  A few second pass then finall the
> host cmd loads while the firefox page loads.
> I have another computer running 9.10 which is directly plugged in with
> no problems.  And a laptop with 9.10 connecting wireless through a
> realtek NIC, also no problems....
     Are you using ssh on the laptop?

> ...So I assume there is a networking
> issue with either of my Wireless NIC or my router.  I use a Netgear
> Wireless N router and a Gigabyte Wireless G card.
     Is the Gigabyte Wireless G card in the computer that is having the 
ssh problems?

> This problem never occurred with any previous versions of Ubuntu or
> Xubuntu dating back to 8.04.
     Can you drop back to 8.04 today and verify everything is working 
there stiil? If you can then 9.10 at least has changed how it handles 

> Has anyone had any similar network drop problems on their Ubuntu machine
> running 9.10?
> Does anyone know what may have changed between 9.04 to 9.10 regarding
> networking scripts/apps/bins which would effect connectivity?
> Thanks,
> Tim H.
> 73 Karl


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