DHCP and router configuration

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Sun Apr 25 06:12:56 UTC 2010

> How is the Linksys configured to serve a specific address to the
> server?  Is it by static DHCP using the MAC address (this is the most
> common way and really the only way I know to do it on a Linksys)?

Yes, by the MAC address.

>  If
> so, then you will need to keep the dhcp client running on your Linux
> server so that it can continue to get the address.  It is still using
> DHCP, you have just hard coded in the IP that specific MAC address
> should always get.
> Generally, when you want a machine to always have a specific IP
> address, you have two options, put the address in
> /etc/network/interfaces like this:
> # The primary network interface
> auto eth2
> iface eth2 inet static
>      address
>      netmask
>      gateway
> Or leave your interface on DHCP and configure your DHCP server to
> always had out a specific address to the MAC address of the network
> interface on the machine.
> Just to clarify, if a DHCP server is running on your Linksys box, you
> do _not_ want a DHCP server to run on your Linux box.  Generally you
> only want one DHCP server on the network, otherwise they could start
> "fighting it out" and hand out duplicate addresses.

Of course, thanks!

Dotan Cohen


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