what files changed on incremental script

Luis Paulo luis.barbas at gmail.com
Sun Apr 25 01:06:26 UTC 2010

I've made a few changes on my 'what files changed on incremental" script.

* First of all, I changed the name. As it will be normally put
together with the distribution administrative scripts, lower case will
distinguish it.

* Now 'pool' and 'delete' lines are also listed, besides 'create'. An
extra initial column with 2 spaces was added.

* I've split uid and gid. An extra new column was added

* Added a --fancy option

* Added a --summary option. I've found that create+pool+same equals
the nFiles on backups file.

* Added a -v version option

With this post follows the script and a usage text file with examples.

Remember that the output is usually long, and the process will take a
bit of time and machine. Use less and avoid full backups.

I have called this version 1.0.1beta. I intend to make a 1.0.0 version
with any suggestions you'll be kind enough to make, and a better
formatting of the summary option.

I've been running this script on a updated Ubuntu hardy
2.6.24-27-server x86_64, with BackupPC 3.0.0. Tried it mostly with
rsync backups.

I knew just the basic of awk and sed when I've started, and as you may
know, I'm portuguese.
So please feel free to correct anything, all comments will be appreciate.

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