Stop Grub2 seraching CD/DVD Drive for bootable OS's

Rashkae ubuntu at
Thu Apr 22 13:47:52 UTC 2010

Faizan Kazi wrote:
> Hi Colin! Sorry for the delayed response!
> No, I didnt mean that... I mean that when Grub2 loads and shows the boot
> options (Linux images.... Windows... etc) it also searches the DVD drive! :(
> or i may be wrong about that...

I've only ever seen the option to stop grub from searching floppies.  I 
don't know how, or if, Grub can distinguish between different SCSI 
devices, especially if the bios does any kind of emulation as part of 
the boot from usb process.  If all else fails, and you really need to 
tame it, you might have to disable searching entirely.  As a quick test, 
in your /boot/grub/grub.cfg file (yes yes, the one you are never 
supposed to edit on pain of death) remove or comment out all the lines 
that start with search.  (suggest you back up the file before editing it.)

Though if you want to go that route, you will probably want to arrange 
your system so that all your /boot partitions (and Windows C: drives, if 
any) are on the same hard drive, where grub is installed and your system 
boots from.

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