Bluetooth laser travel mouse not working in 9.10

NoOp glgxg at
Wed Apr 21 19:56:35 UTC 2010

On 04/20/2010 09:00 PM, Matt Morgan wrote:
> Thanks, yes, I think that's the one I have (although it doesn't actually say
> "V470" on it anywhere ...).
> Regarding the Google search, NoOp, thanks, but did you look at any of them?
> They're not helpful; and it's cute that many of the top hits are these
> mailing list posts :-).
> I have searched and worked a bit on it. I also reported on launchpad, which
> didn't help. I could try harder; but it seems like Bluetooth in Ubuntu is
> black magic (or a black box, in any case). So I sort of decided that for the
> cost of a new a mouse I could save myself some trouble. It would just be
> reassuring for someone on the list to say "I have this mouse and I got it to
> work."
> I guess I'll see if this mouse I have is actually a V470, or just buy a new
> one at a place where I can return it if necessary.

What is the url for the launchpad report?

Perhaps these will help (don't know, I don't have one):
[Note: use 'Advanced search' in launchpad to select 'Fixed Released' etc

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