help use gedit to edit server files

Hal Burgiss hal at
Wed Apr 21 17:44:28 UTC 2010

If this "php" code is web server related stuff, I would strongly vote
for a revision control system like bzr, svn, or git. These can be
published such that the remote system (eg a web server) is updated
from your local development system. The advantages are you have
multiple copies of your sources (ie backups), you have a revision
history which can be rolled back, you have logging, and you have a
copy (really a clone) of the code locally such that you can use
whatever tools you want, with the benefit of not having the latencies
caused by networked connections. You can also test changes locally too
before publishing since its very easy to set up a LAMP server on

Its a little effort to set up initially because of a learning curve,
but well worth the effort. I prefer bzr which is very easy to create a
repo with, and works remotely via sftp, so any sane system can be a
"server". In fact, once you get your ssh keys set up, its trivial to
do an update.


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