Need email server aid

Markus Schönhaber ubuntu-users at
Wed Apr 21 16:04:19 UTC 2010

21.04.2010 18:41, Chuck Kuecker:

> I am running Ubuntu 9.10, with postfix and dovecot for my email server. 
> I host my own domain.
> The Ubuntu machine relays emails from my Windows machine just fine, but 
> when I try to relay an email from an embedded system I am working with, 
> that resides on my local network, I get error messages in mail.log - 
> 'relay access denied'. Sending email from the embedded system to my 
> local email account works fine.
> I have the embedded system 'from' email set to my email address - but it 
> seems to make no difference if I use 'device at' instead of 
> 'ckuecker at' - I can send to 'ckuecker at', but any 
> attempt to send out of my local network returns the error.
> I've enabled the entire local network here in /etc/postfix/ - 
> mynetworks =, My Windows machine SMTP is set 
> to use TLS, if available, and my user name. I'm thinking that I need to 
> send my user name and password somehow, in order to get relaying to 
> work. I don't see any SMTP commands that would do this.
> What am I missing here?

Difficult to tell.
Post the output of
postconf -n
and the lines from the mail.log which show such a failing transaction.
That will make it much easier to find the root of the problem.


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