MFP Printer for Ubuntu

NoOp glgxg at
Tue Apr 20 21:10:28 UTC 2010

On 04/20/2010 01:34 PM, Andy Graybeal wrote:
> Preston thanks for your input, I've heard good things about Brother 
> working well with linux.
> brscan-skey sounds like great peice of software.
> I should have mentioned that this is for a small office of about 20 
> users, we would like a laser printer (because i'm used to them) or 
> phaser printer, because I guess this is okay?  We would don't want ink. 
>   We would prefer black-and-white because we hope that people won't use 
> it for fun necessarily in the office.
> Do you think the brscan-skey software will work with the other Brother 
> MFP printers? ... i wonder.. I'm going to look into this.
> I hope this is not too 'off-topic' for the list; this is my first thread 
> here.

Please bottom post on this list - thanks :-)

One way to control color ink consumption is to set up separate printer
profiles for the printer. For example I have a color Canon MP750 and
have multiple profiles set; 1 for MP750 (default) where the printer is
set to print only in black & white, 1 for MP750Color where the printer
is set to print in standard color, 1 for MP750Photo where the printer is
set to optimal photo color settings, 1 for MP750Duplex to print in B&W
in duplex mode, etc., etc.

You can choose any of the 'printers' from the print dropdowns, but as
mentioned the default is for B&W. In an office such as yours, you can
choose to only allow certain users to select the color 'printers', while
others that need to print something in color can have the option when
necessary. So you don't necessarily need to buy a B&W for all & a color
for specific users, just set up the printer profiles accordingly.

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