MFP Printer for Ubuntu

Preston Hagar prestonh at
Tue Apr 20 17:44:03 UTC 2010

On Tue, Apr 20, 2010 at 11:48 AM, Andy Graybeal
<andy.graybeal at> wrote:
> Can anyone suggest a multifunction printer that works in Ubuntu?... or
> linux in general?
> Specifically I would like to be able to scan images over the network.
> Currently we have a Dell 2335DN; we can print from any linux client, but
>  I can't figure out how to scan from it over the network using linux.
> Windows scanning over the network works great.
> Faxing isn't necessary over the network, but maybe a useful option to
> have for some reason or other.
> -Andy

I have a Brother MFC-5440CN that I love.  I have it setup on my
network, so my Linux and Windows machines can all print to it.  I can
replace all of the ink cartdriges in it for about $12 from
Brother has on their site Linux drivers for both the scanner and the
printer.  I actually have a home Linux server setup that runs the
brscan-skey software.  What that does is make it where I can just go
to my scanner, press the scan button, put the document on the glass or
in the ADF, select my Linux server as the destination and it will

It gives you 4 files types to choose from (image, email, ocr, and file
I think), but basically each of these options maps to a script on the
server.  You can modify the script as needed.  I have Image scan as a
JPG and put it in one folder, file scans as PDF and another one of the
options scans as TIFF.  It comes with default scripts and instructions
to install it if you are not too familiar with it.  If you end up
getting one of the Brother ones, post back to the list or email me and
I will send you my scripts.

I think the Brother model I have may no longer be sold, but I would
just look for the current generation (look for something with built in
networking, an auto document feeder (ADF) that starts with MFC for
around $100) and then check the Brother site to make sure they have
the brscan-skey utility for it.  Even without the utility, it should
work with sane and most of the other "standard" Linux scanning


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