Root unable to change ownership and modify permissions

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Tue Apr 20 07:07:36 UTC 2010

On 20/04/10 15:55, I Am Me wrote:
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>> Is /media/Andrew by any chance a removable disk/USB device? (making the
>> assumption due to it being mounted in /media) - if so, have you checked
>> how it is mounted, and that it is formatted with a filesystem which
>> supports permissions - I'm almost tempted to ask if it is a FAT32 memory
>> stick or a windows partition, but wouldn't want to unintentionally
>> insult you ;)
>> Either way, would help to know how /media/Andrew is mounted
> Its a NTFS formatted partition on my on-board 80 GB HDD

If it is ntfs it is not linux but Windows and so it doesn't play Linux 


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