How to recover deleted files

Hakan Koseoglu hakan at
Sun Apr 18 18:40:32 UTC 2010

On Sun, Apr 18, 2010 at 5:57 PM, Karl Larsen <klarsen1 at> wrote:
>     Have YOU ever been able to save anything YOU deleted by accident? I
> have tried and nothing I found would work. Why send this this guy back
> on a hunt that will fail?
Oh yes, after a nice mistake in ReiserFS, I managed to recover 23GB of
deleted files. What a nightmare that was.
Also you can undelete any open file with a little trick since the
files won't be actually deleted until the last app closes the file. I
managed to save my skin (and job) using that trick at least once.

Just because it didn't work for you, it doesn't mean it doesn't work for anyone.
Hakan (m1fcj) -

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