Merge two small disks into one large

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On 04/17/2010 06:16 PM, Luis Paulo wrote:
> May I suggest you leaving things as they are on the old disks,
> And install a new, fresh, sparkling, linux on the new disk?
> You will be able to boot to the new system or to any of the older. Grub
> will do that automatically for you, right?
> And you'll be able to access data of the old systems from the new.
> Leave some free space. After you may copy your XP to the new disk,
> really don't see why, can't help you there :),  or just create a NTFS
> partition that XP may use to store your data.
> Just another thought. If you eventually free the old disks, remember
> they are still good to do raid. 0, 1 or both, storing what, it depends
> on their condition and speeds.

(Please, Luis Paulo, the etiquette for this list oblige us not to top
post or html)

Just adding to these remarks, Ubuntu 10.04 (should) have support for
fake raid on Alternate CD, if needed.

If you do not remove the Win sys partition from its place, you can
(after defragging it) compact or expand it at your will without any
problem (we hope, so backup it).

Of course, it is advisable that you burn a brand new GParted Live CD
(instead of your ancient 9.10) to perform the required changes outside
your system, since you'll be messing with partitions that are usually
mounted. There's no need to copy swap areas, either Win ou Lin, just
re-create them. It's a good time to give /home its own partition (in
case it still doesn't have). Ubuntu fstab file will have to be adjusted
to the new uuid 's.

If you are not currently using Grub2, it would be wise to check the
literature about it.

(My first HD also had a staggering 10 Mb size, its own case, power
supply and fan and sometimes had to be kickstarted... old, old, times)

Good luck,


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