Lucid Beta2 cannot login in workstation

NoOp glgxg at
Sat Apr 17 17:39:55 UTC 2010

On 04/17/2010 12:49 AM, if-ifone wrote:
> I cannot open this link,my video card is intel intergrate chip.
> 2010/4/17 Tom H <tomh0665 at>
>> 2010/4/16 if-ifone <hellocyf at>:
>> > hello developer
>> > I cannot login desktop.It recycle in login session UI after success
>> logined.
>> > Password is correct.because I install this version by Update Manager and
>> can
>> > login console.
>> NoOp had been involved with this bug which was about a GDM login loop
>> but its name has changed:

If you mean that it is looping at the gdm login screen without actually
ever reaching the desktop, try this:

1. When gdm is looping see if you can get into a console: Ctrl-Alt-F1
2. Once into the console, login with your username and password. Then cd
to the /etc/gdm folder:

$ cd /etc/gdm

3. Now create a custom.conf file if you do not alread have one using nano:

$ sudo nano custom.conf

Enter the following (substituting your regular username in the place of


Now use Ctrl-o save the file (leave it's name as custom.conf) and then
Ctrl-x to exit from nano. Note: if you by chance already have a
custom.conf on the system just change




4. Now, back at the console prompt ($):

$ sudo stop gdm
$ sudo start gdm

See if that gets you to the desktop. If it does not, then try startx:

$ startx

If none of that works, try booting to the recovery console, then run the
dpkg option and then continue to normal login. That will dump you into
the tty console, from there try startx.

Both of those methods should bypass the gdm (login screen). Note if you
are able to get to the desktop using #3 above, but your graphics are
going crazy, you can modify the auto login to start in failsafe mode by
adding 'DefaultSession=gnome-failsafe':


Please post back and let us know the results.

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