What is the best pdf editor for ubuntu?

Gilles Gravier ggravier at fsfe.org
Sat Apr 17 09:00:21 UTC 2010


On 17/04/2010 10:02, Dotan Cohen wrote:
>> Note that Open Source DOESN'T imply FREE (as in zero cost). Many people
>> make that mistake. Try getting Red Hat Linux for free. :) It's open
>> source. If you want the "zero cost" version you have to get Fedora...
>> not Red Hat. :) Other examples abound.
> Fedora is not quite Red Hat. One can get the Red Hat sources for no
> cost and build them himself, but you are correct that the binaries are
> not available from Red Hat. CentOS does take the Red Hat code and
> provide binaries, however, so it is closer to Red Hat than Fedora is.

StarOffice (commercial) / OpenOffice.org (free) = same source
Snort (free) / SourceFire appliance (commercial) = mostly same source
FreeBSD (free) / MacOS (/me coughs)

Still... many cases...


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