Terminal window

Nils Kassube kassube at gmx.net
Fri Apr 16 12:48:01 UTC 2010

Basil Chupin wrote:
> My intended question was: how do I make the *TERMINAL* open in full
> screen mode and not as a small window (and then having to enlarge
>  it)? Whatever I have tried so far (click-drag to full page,
>  maximising) is ineffective and it always opens as a small window.

~/ > gnome-terminal --help
  gnome-terminal [OPTION...]

Help Options:
  -h, --help                      Show help options
  --help-all                      Show all help options
  --help-terminal                 Show terminal options
  --help-window-options           Show per-window options


~/ > gnome-terminal --help-window-options
  gnome-terminal [OPTION...]

Window options; if used before the first --window or --tab argument, 
sets the default for all windows:
  --show-menubar                  Turn on the menubar
  --hide-menubar                  Turn off the menubar
  --maximize                      Maximise the window


I think you want to start it like this:

gnome-terminal --maximize


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