An interesting behaviour in Lucid.....

andrew clarke mail at
Thu Apr 15 12:59:04 UTC 2010

On Thu 2010-04-15 22:45:01 UTC+1000, Basil Chupin (blchupin at wrote:

> ....which may also be the same in Karmic et alia but as I haven't run 
> them so I wouldn't know.
> Today I put some applications on the Desktop before transferring them to 
> the (top) Panel.
> When I tried to execute the apps. I had to *double-click* on the icon(s) 
> (while they were on the Desktop).
> However, when the apps. were sitting in the Panel, a *single-click* 
> would execute the selected program.

I'm pretty sure this is standard behaviour in GNOME.  Single-click for
panel icons, double-click for desktop icons.

Also analogous to Microsoft Windows behaviour, single-click for
taskbar icons in the quick launch bar, anyway, and double-click for
desktop icons.

And analogous to Apple's Mac OS X, single-click for icons in the Dock,
and double-click for icons on the desktop.

> And I cannot see anywhere where there is the ability to set the choice 
> of using either a single- or a double-click to start a program. (I 
> always use a single click but I know of many people who prefer to 
> double-click to open the application.)

Don't know.

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