10.04 BUG? Can not recognize USB DIsks

Ali Milis almilis at gmail.com
Thu Apr 15 01:02:39 UTC 2010


I have got an Axioo 320GB USB Disk  (Fujitsu Inside) with two
partition which shows with no problem an Kubuntu 9.04 as
/dev/sdb1 (NTFS) and /dev/sdb2 (EXT4). LSUSB shows:
"Bus 001 Device 009: ID 152d:2329 JMicron Technology Corp. /
JMicron USA Technology Corp"

Unfortunately, it will not auto-mount on Ubuntu 10.04.
Sometimes the systems recognize the USB disk as /dev/sdb
after a while, but I have to mount them manually.

Is this a BUG? How should I report it (Which package)?


Raja Ali M.I. Ilias, Bengkalis

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