Installing Ubuntu in a very poor performace machine...

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>> How different is Lubuntu from Xubuntu?
> As different as Lxde is from XFCE?  Really, put it on your machine and
> try it.
> <sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop>
> I like it pretty well.  It's quick and still runs all the compiz bells
> ands whistles.
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I just looked at Mint with all the low resource desktops and they all
say 256 ram.

Take a look at Tiny Core Linux. It will run and if not that then you
can run tiny in the form that has no desktop. It is no Ubuntu though.
It is not something for your very first Linux although it is very easy
to use, if you have even a small idea about what Linux is or can do.

"Tiny Core can run out of 48 megabytes of RAM or less", it will run
with much less without the desktop!

This page covers it VERY well.

I have to agree with the above posters, cram as much ram into your
friends machine as you can and install Lubuntu as a clean install.

Douglas E Knapp

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