Password Recovery from stolen hard drive

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Tue Apr 13 22:55:58 UTC 2010

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> Just write a script which send you an email via sendmail or some other
> mail serving program on  your computer. When you receive that email,
> it 
> will contain the actual ip address the email was sent from in the
> email 
> headers.
> I'm glad that other guy mentioned this, I think I'll write a script to
> do that on my machine to protect it from theft. It's  great idea!

Where would you have that script run?  You want it to send when booted, it can't be a userspace script (Since they can't login) and if no wired network, you would need to have a wireless that connects automagically to any wireless.  If I recall correctly, network manager is userspace, not sure about wicd.

Since I'll be looking at a new laptop soon, I'd be interested in knowing what you come up with.


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