Password Recovery from stolen hard drive

p.echols at p.echols at
Tue Apr 13 18:10:29 UTC 2010

----- "Maxime Alarie" <malarie at> wrote:

> Im not a security expert, but I'd say Yes and no.
> Chances are that when he finds out its Linux under the hood, he 'll
> wipe
> it clean  and install Windows (or ask a friend to do it), that is if
> he
> did not sold it.

Police say it was probably sold within the hour.  If it gets wiped, then I don't care any more.  It's done and gone.
The concern is if it was sold to identity thieves.  Can they get access to my passwords and then access my accounts.

> He can reset your password if he is able to reset the root password,
> which require some grub knowledge or if  he's patient enough to read
> some documentation on how to do it

Yah, I better change all my passwords.  Bleah!

> If I can suggest..  Make a script that sends its ip adress   (i.e: at
> the last line of the networking script)to your email account (gmail,
> hotmail,etc..) at boot time.. That way you might be able to do what
> you
> want with your pc as soon as it hits the net. :)

How would you script that?  9 times out of 10 I expect that the laptop would report a private address like  Useless information unless I had a way to log back into the laptop from where ever I was.  A pipe dream I think.

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