Installing Ubuntu in a very poor performace machine...

Nils Kassube kassube at
Tue Apr 13 05:46:23 UTC 2010

arshad wrote:
> A friend of mine needs to have Ubuntu installed in his machine which
>  has 10GB HDD, 128mb RAM, 32mb VGA, 800GHz processor.
> I tried installing hardy, jaunty and karmic but all got stuck in the
> middle for some reasons i don't know. I think its due to the low
> resources of the machine.

Yes, the problem is the low amount of RAM. You need at least 256MB for 
Ubuntu. As an alternative you'd better use Xubuntu which works with 
128MB. But I think you should use the alternate CD because the Live CD 
still needs 192MB to install Xubuntu.

> Is it possible to install jaunty in his hdd by plugging it into my
> motherboard?

Yes. But you'd better not install proprietary drivers like the Nvidia or 
ATI graphics drivers if the other machine doesn't have the same chipset. 
And again you'd better install Xubuntu due to the low memory on the 
target machine.

However isn't it possible to install additional memory modules on that 
machine to have at least 512MB? These modules are rather cheap and a 
mainboard for 800MHz should support that amount of memory. That would 
considerably improve the performance.


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