Stopping GDM from auto-mounting autofs home dirs

Michael Waltz mwaltz at
Mon Apr 12 17:42:17 UTC 2010

Noticed first in Karmic that even if the simple GDM login manager was 
enabled with no user list a lot of autofs home dirs were automatically 
mounted when the system booted. I'd like to avoid this since having 
hundreds of Ubuntu desktops hitting filers without an intent to use the 
mounts could cause a resource issue. We got around this by removing gdm2 
in Karmic and installing gdm-legacy instead, but this packages doesn't 
appear on in Lucid anymore and most likely never will.

Is there a way to only have GDM mount autofs home dirs on user login? 
May be a bit slower, but the extra few seconds aren't really an issue 
for us.

Thank you,

Micheal Waltz
SMG Unix Infrastructure
Qualcomm Inc.
Phone: 858-845-6083
Cell: 858-882-7079

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