Lucid Beta 2 doesn't see CD blanks

sdavmor sdavmor at
Mon Apr 12 15:30:53 UTC 2010

On 04/12/2010 07:03 AM, Li Li wrote:
> My Lucid beta 2 install (updated completely [I think] at about 1200
> UTC Monday) doesn't detect known good CD or CD-RW blanks.  This
> computer dual boots Mint-8 and everything works perfectly well
> there.  In fact, that's where I made the CD I installed Lucid
> from.
> If I open Nautilus to "Computer" with no CD blank inserted I see a
> CD-DVD listing for both my DVD reader and my DVD-CD writer (generic
> PATA units, known good).  If I insert a blank CD-R in the writer
> the line in the Nautilus display for it vanishes immediately, the
> busy light for the writer flashes a while and the hard disk busy
> light activates as normally happens.  No icon for "blank CD"
> appears on the desktop as it does in Mint.  Brasero insists that
> there is no writable medium in the drive!
> I can read already-written CDs and DVDs in the writer just fine.
> I don't have any idea of how to troubleshoot this.

I have this problem with some "made in Taiwan" OEM brands of media.
Try something of generally A+ quality like Fuji, HP or Verbatim. Even
big names like TDK have most of their blank media OEMd for them out of
Asia, so you could be experiencing this.

Mitsui and Taiyo-Yuden manufacture 100% their own media, and I've
never had any problems of any sort in any computer over the last 15
years with their blank media. Ricoh and Verbatim, while they have a
lot of OEMd product, have very high QA standards, and seldom fall into
the "issues with these" bucket. Fuji, if it says "made in Japan" is
really OEMd from Taiyo-Yuiden, BTW.

You might also try KB3 as an alternate burner. I have had some odd
situations where Brasero didn't want to see a piece of media but KB3
did. Go figure...
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