Window Icons on wrong side.

Tony Arnold tony.arnold at
Sun Apr 11 17:08:22 UTC 2010


On 11/04/10 16:00, Liam Proven wrote:
> On Sun, Apr 11, 2010 at 3:51 PM, Chris Jones
> <christopher.rob.jones at>  wrote:
>> Hi,
>>> It's not a bug, it's a feature. :¬) They've changed the look for the
>>> new version.
>>> This has been extremely unpopular and is widely regarded as a bad
>>> move, to paraphrase the great Douglas Adams.
>> Just to be different, I like the change. I use a mixture of linux / OSX
>> machines, roughly 50:50, and like the fact the buttons are both on the same
>> side now ;)
>> As it is changeable, either via gconf or by just choosing a different style
>> scheme, I don't see the big deal.
> Hurrah! I am glad someone does! :¬)
> I am not wild about it myself, but I don't hugely object. It's just a
> GUI. They're all a bit different. Smart people adapt, inflexible ones
> whinge. ;¬)

I've just upgraded to Lucid almost solely so I could play with this new 
theme and see if I could get used to the buttons being on the left. But 
it seems the new theme does not render properly if you are using Compiz, 
or at least it doesn't for me!

So, drat and double drat:-)

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