Creating a python script launcher

PleegWat pleegwat at
Sun Apr 11 09:44:47 UTC 2010

Jim Byrnes wrote:
> I would like to create an "application in terminal" launcher for python 
> scripts.  What is the command I would use to keep the terminal open so I 
> can read the output of any print statements?
> Thanks,  Jim

Not sure about python specifically, but normally shell scripts invoked 
from a launcher do not have a terminal associated with them. You have to 
explicitly invoke a terminal for the output to appear in:

gnome-terminal -x my-script

You then have to make your script wait for something, likely a keypress, 
before it ends. You can also put this in your launcher command line:

gnome-terminal -x sh -c "my-script; read"

It is possible to test from a script whether a terminal is available or 
not. In sh, this is done with the test command: 'test -t 2' will test if 
standard error is going to a terminal. Python likely has a function to 
determine this as well.
You could use this knowledge to decide whether to log to stderr or to a 


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