xclients session?

Aleksandr Miroslav alexmiroslav at gmail.com
Sat Apr 10 19:51:28 UTC 2010


I'm running Ubuntu 9.10.

I would like to use fvwm as my window manager. I installed it via
apt-get, but in my gdm screen, under the session pull down, my only
options are "Gnome, failsafe Gnome, xterm, and fvwm.

Choosing fvwm starts the window manager fine, but I want to be able to
run it from an Xclients or xsession or xinitrc file, to be able to run
some stuff and then spawn fvwm. I did a search and there should be an
"xclients" or similar option that should allow me to do this, but I
don't know if they have removed this in  this version of Ubuntu or

Any advice appreciated.


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