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Sat Apr 10 15:49:44 UTC 2010

On Sat, 10 Apr 2010 06:32:48 -0500
Henry Dubb <henry.dubb at> uttered these words:

> I''d second Mint as ready to go out of the box. Another option is
> AptonCD in which you create your own Ubuntu. Include the programs /
> codecs you want and leave the rest out. Played with it and it looks
> promising. But mint would be the easiest route.

Purely because of my personal preference, I like to go with the more
familiar Ubuntu/Gnome interface rather than that which comes with Mint
(too Windows-like for me).

If you are looking at other Ubuntu-like OS, I'd suggest you look at
"Super OS" at:

and "Ultimate Edition" from

Both have the added codecs installed "out of the box" but Ultimate
Edition also has slabs of the latest version of KDE with Gnome.  Both
have their own repositories but Ultimte Edition has a tool, Ultamatix,
which will also upgrade the Ultimate Edition install.
Graham Todd

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