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On Thu, 8 Apr 2010 21:15:51 +0000 (UTC)
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> I am trying to pull the pictures off my Pentax Optio A30.  When I
> connect via the usb cable to my Ubuntu 9.10 system, the camera is not
> recognized.
> When I connect to my Windows machine, the cmaera is recognized, and I
> can maneuver through the directories to get to the photos.  I am not
> using the Pentax-provided software on the Windows side; just looking
> at the camera as a storage device.
> Any ideas as to why the Ubuntu system will not recognize the camera?
> I've tested the the usb cable and the usb port and both work properly
> with other devices.
> Thoughts/solutions appreciated.

Most of the photo imaging software for Ubuntu are front ends for
gPhoto2, and its not listed as a compatible camera on that program's
website at:

and on it says the

"For the protocol, there are 2 USB standardized protocols that digital
camera uses: USB Mass Storage and PTP (aka Still Image Device). If a
camera doesn't use one of these two protocols, it surely uses a
proprietary protocol, and this is were things get uneasy: most
manufacturers don't disclose these protocols for various reasons."

I would guess that its not on the list (while other Pentax Optio
cameras are) because its not a Mass Storage Device, by which I mean it
doesn't meet with the protocol for Mass Storage Devices, and the driver
hasn't been back engineered as yet.

The camera does have a removable memory card and I suggest you get
yourself a card reader to plug into your usb port or hub which can read
your card, as others have suggested.

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