How to rescue my data files before reconfiguring the 2 HD's of my desktop PC?!

Karl Larsen klarsen1 at
Fri Apr 9 18:04:36 UTC 2010

On 04/09/2010 08:31 AM, Bas Roufs wrote:
> Hello Karl and everybody
>>> Attempts to repair the grub of the Kubuntu 9.10 partition at the
>>> desktop via a "grub rescue cd" finally failed yesterday - (snip)
>> (snip) I want to know just about the above. You are using 9.10 which has the new grub2
>> which you must use ... (snip)
> Your presumptions are partially right. I do use Kubuntu 9.10 - at both
> computers. At the new laptop, from which I write this message, it's a
> fresh install, together with Grub2. But at my desktop, Kubuntu 9.10 is
> an upgrade from the previous version, 9.04 - that's why, I still have/
> had Grub Legacy in that configuration. Only a special separate grub
> upgrade could have delivered me Grub2 - but only after the crash, the
> story about the grub upgrade became clear to me. Cf.:
>>      What happened to your grub?
> In December I carried out out a backport ppa upgrade from KDE 4.2. to
> 4.3. That upgrade worked out well, because of the many improvements
> and bug fixes. Then, I forgot about my backport ppa which remained
> 'open'. That's why, an automatic update came in a few months ago: from
> KDE 4.3. to 4.4. After that upgrade, I had several complications -
> e.g. KAddressbook wich did not work any more properly, and some
> 'broken dependencies'. That's why, I closed the backport PPA and
> sticked only to the normal update system. However, the 'broken
> dependencies' problem has become worse. At a certain moment, the
> update system did not function any more. Finally, the system got
> totally stuck/ frozen/ non-responsive in the middle of a working
> session.The cursor was immovable, actions via the mouse and keyboard
> did not deliver any more any response. It was not possible any more to
> stop and restart the system - not via the K-menu, also not via
> "control-alt-del". Also interventions via the system monitor did not
> work any more. The ONLY option left was simply unplugging the PC.
> But each following attempt to normally restart the PC already
> stagnates in the very beginning as follows:
> GRUB Loading stage 1.5
> GRUB loading, please wait .....
> Error 18
> Already after 'Error 18',  nothing happens any more. Every restart
> attempt ends up in again 'Error 18', unless I boot from USB or CD.
> Apparently something has happened with the grub, because of which I do
> not manage any more to boot from the sdb7-partition. Also attempts to
> mount sdb7 via a live system have failed so far.
     Grub version 1 has this nice setup thing.

         In a terminal type sudo grub and your in a grub window. you see 

which means you started a grub window

type these:

grub root (hd1,6)  This where grub is located.

grub setup (hd0)

         Here you should get a lot of words about where grub is.

grub quit

your done.

>> Do you have just the 9.10 on your computer?
> No.  I also have Windows XP and Kubuntu 7.10.
>> How many hard drives?
> Two:
> * sda,  80GB, with Windows at sda1 and a data partition at sda5.
> * sdb, 160GB, with Kubuntu 7.10 at sda1, a data partition at sda6 and
> Kubuntu 9.10 at sda 7.
> Respecfully yours,
> Bas.


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