Gnome borked after recent Lucid updates

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Fri Apr 9 16:37:38 UTC 2010

I've just updated my machine to the latest Lucid packages and it's borked

Has anyone else had this problem?

All applications open up at the top of the monitor and not beneath the top
panel as is normal. Selecting menu options from preferences, for example, if
the list is too long to display then you have the arrows to navigate down.
When your oprion comes into view, when you go to click it, the menu list
just scrolls back to the beginning making it impossible to select anything
other than the oriainally displayed items.

Applications that do open are missing the top bar with the window control
buttons as the top of the applicaiton is hidden under the panel.

Worspace switcher is in my panel but is just one colour. It's missing the
squares denoting how many workspaces I have.

My shortcuts to move between workspaces(alt-number) no longer works.

Alt-Tab no longer traverses open applications and if an app  is hidden but
something else, I can't get to it.

What a terrible update. I wanted to make this known on Launchpad but
couldn't see a way of doing it.

I hope no one else is having these problems.

My hardware, everything is intel (Dell XPS1330)
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