Video has lost color. Ubuntu 8.04

Tuxman tuxman at
Tue Apr 6 02:32:48 UTC 2010

All videos now play in B&W from all players.

DVDs in the optical drive, and AVI and MKV files are in B&W. Mplayer, 
VLC, and MoviePlayer are B&W.

Everything else is normal, thumbnails of videos included.

I suspect a recent change I made has caused this, but don't know where 
to point.
I recently installed just about very video editing and DVD authoring 
program trying to learn what to use for a niece's school project. I 
didn't notice the change when it happened, and I've forgotten the 
changes I made.

I searched in Synaptic for all of the installed video codecs I could 
find, and reinstalled all the suspects, but that hasn't helped.

This is an old install of 8.04, and I'll installing 10.04 in several 
months, so I can wait if needed, but I would like to know the culprit.


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