aptitude supposed to uninstall old kernel

Robert Holtzman holtzm at cox.net
Mon Apr 5 06:51:56 UTC 2010

Just ran apt-get update/upgrade on my Hardy installation. A number of 
packages were held back so I ran aptitude dist-upgrade and was informed 
that the 2.6.24-27 kernel would be installed and the 2.6.24-26 would be 
uninstalled. When the upgrade was done I rebooted and saw 2.6.24-26 was 
still listed in the boot menu. Just for the hell of it I chose it and lo 
and behold it booted and ran fine. Looked through synaptic and saw all 
the header and image packages for both kernels are still installed. Did 
aptitude lie to me? I was under the impression that aptitude 
dist-upgrade removed unused/orphan packages.

Anyone care to educate me?

Bob Holtzman
Key ID: 8D549279
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  check the price of the beer"

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