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Sun Apr 4 12:30:44 UTC 2010

On Sun, 04 Apr 2010 05:59:55 +0100
"Grizzly" <Real_Grizz_Adams at> uttered these words:

> Have beento Kaffiene site (via browser) went to download page they
> show two ways to get Kaffiene
> cant find "adept-installer" on my sys
> so tried their cmd line 
> apt-get install kaffiene
> which fails with a line ending "are you root?"
> AFAIK I am

The Ubuntu family installs by default sudo or whatever the GUI command
is relative to the desktop environment you are using.  You have to put
this command in at the start of the command line and follow it up with
the user password you use to log in.

Other distros have a separate password for root and user if they do not
use the sudo command.

The command you need to use on the command line is therefore:

sudo apt-get install kaffiene

and then follow up with your user password when prompted, or (since I
assume you are using KDE):

kdesu apt-get install kaffiene

and then enter your password when the box pops up.

That will put you into "root mode"

Graham Todd

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