[Fwd: [ubuntu-users] A bag of problems]

Ted Hilts ehilts at mcsnet.ca
Sun Apr 4 08:08:24 UTC 2010

On Sun, 2010-04-04 at 02:45 -0400, Tom H wrote:
> > Hope I get through to the list. I'm having a problem with Thunderbird on
> > MS Win XP so I'm using Evolution on Ubuntu.
> >
> > Problem #1
> >
> > I recently changed a Win XP machine into a Ubuntu machine with Lucid
> > 10.04 LTS released Apr 10 2010 and did not realize some of the radical
> > changes such as "triggers", "upstart", etc.
> > Firstly, today's date - depending on which part of the world you come from -
> > is the 4th of April 2010 - so 10 April is still some 6 days off.
> >
> > Secondly, Lucid 1.04 LTS BETA was released on 2010-03-19 for testing. Note
> > the BETA after the name. Now, nobody that I know would install a beta on a
> > 'production' machine but it seems that you were prepared to do so in order
> > to do some quality testing on Lucid :-) :-) .
> The "10" in 10.04 refers to 2010 and not to 10 April.
> 10.04 will be released on 29 April.

Okay I got the date messed up and probaly caused some confusion. If I
remember correctly the date I downloaded Lucid was around mid March and
I stated April and I pulled the other information from somewhere. I just
tried to provide an idea of the time because a couple of days ago on
April 01 2010 a few days ago the update manager did an extensive update.
Sorry for the confusion I created by about the release. I probably
should have said VERSION. I used the term loosely which is probably
aggravating and misleading to someone more involved with Ubuntu, I won't
do that again. 

This Lucid version is my second Ubuntu machine. On my first Ubuntu
machine the install was from purchased CDs (7.10) and shortly after that
the version updated to 8.04 where it currently sits.  Occasionally the
first machine (8.04) gets a kernel update and there are problems with
CRON and other applications which create a number of error message.  So
far the second machine (Lucid) is working as it should -- at least as
far as I have tested it and I am now using it as a production machine. I
use the Firefox browser and several add-ons  to capture web page news. I
gather a tremendous amount of news articles and that is why I need a
backup system that will do restores at the "bare metal" level. So I was
not trying to cause anyone any problem or acting silly -- I just thought
I could benefit by the experience of others on the list as I
occasionally do. I apologize if I upset anyone.

But I would really like to get some information from the list (if
possible) on two issues.  One issue is the "G4L" (GhostLinux) and the
other issue is more desktops. And YES I was in a hurry to get another
Ubuntu machine into production because my first Ubuntu manchine (8.04)
could not handle all the work.  I use virtual connections to manage what
every machine does and that seems to drain a lot of CPU.  At times I can
have 5 or 6 machines all running at the same time with my first (8.04)
machine managing all of them. I have another 3rd machine which I am
changing over to Linux.  So you can see that backup and restoration is a
big issue for me.

Sorry again if I accidentally caused some kind of problem.

Thank you in advance for any help.

Ted Hilts


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