TV under 9..10

Nils Kassube kassube at
Sun Apr 4 04:10:51 UTC 2010

Dana J. Laude wrote:
> Grizzly wrote:
> > I have a fairly old (Hauppauge) Nova-T PCI Card 

> I have a Win-TV pci tv tuner card here, and I always have to create
>  the following file called "options" under /etc/modprobe.d directory.
>   So... sudo vim /etc/modprobe.d/options and then the option file
>  contains this for my card anyways:
> options bttv card=19 tuner=27
> Thats it. Save and reboot.
> You can get more info on your specific card and such here:

You are mixing up things. Your card is for analog TV while Grizzly has a 
card for digital TV (DVB-T). The bttv driver is for analog TV only and 
it isn't used for DVB.


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